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We recently shared the exciting news that Integra Partners has qualified for the 2X Challenge in partnership with DEG. This recognition solidifies our commitment to support women leadership and employment at all levels as we invest in the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to drive access and affordability to responsible financial services and healthcare in Southeast Asia.

To build on this, today we commence a series of interviews to shine the spotlight on women leaders who are making a difference in communities around Southeast Asia. Join us every Wednesday as we #WinWithWomen. …

Wagely founders (L to R): Tobias Fischer, Sasanadi Ruka and Kevin Hausburg. Naluri founders (L to R), Azran Osman-Rani and Jeremy Ting.

This week, we announce the first two investments of Integra Partners Fund II: a $5 million Series A in healthtech Naluri as well as a $5.6 million pre-A investment in Wagely, the leading Indonesian financial wellness platform that enables earned wage access. Integra Partners led both investments.

Both Naluri and Wagely operate in the employee well-being space, and this is not a coincidence.

South and Southeast Asian economies are developing at a rapid pace, powered by millions of Small- and Medium-sized Businesses. …

There has been much hype over the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space in the last year with DeFi projects like Uniswap reaching US$4b in market capitalisation. DeFi or Decentralised Finance are essentially projects that seek to remove intermediaries and single points of failure from traditional finance use cases or centralised financial platforms (CeFi). Current projects tackle, in varying comprehensiveness, remittance, payments, credit, savings, trading, derivatives and insurance. This article will give an overview on the key features of DeFi, use cases in remittance, stablecoins, decentralise exchanges, decentralised lending, and financial inclusion. …

As a sector-focused fund based in Southeast Asia, we at Dymon Asia Ventures often skip right to talking about why we find the opportunities in fintech, insurtech and digital health so compelling, and allow others to explain why the region is ripe for growth and disruption. But sometimes it’s worthwhile to take a step back and survey the macroeconomic, demographic, and technological trends in the region, and how they intersect with the sectors that we’re excited about. Click on this link to see the data pack, but we’ve summarized the main points below.

Southeast Asia is a region of outperformers…

Integra Partners

Integra Partners invests in early stage companies in the areas of financial services, insurance and healthcare. Visit us at

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