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Why We Invested: Prevention-as-a-Service (Naluri)

Introducing behavioral health — shifting the focus from cure to prevention.

Managing chronic conditions in a prescription drug abundant world might seem like a straightforward task of diagnosis and treatment. That if patients receive the right medication and therapies, their health outcomes will improve. While the above holds some truth, the “cure-as-a-service” model has its shortcomings.

For one, the impact of lifestyle on treatment efficacy and overall wellness is often overlooked. Take for example a diabetic patient who is also a fast food addict despite being advised to have a more balanced diet. Greasy, oily, processed food results in the further deterioration of the patient’s diabetic condition. Inevitably, medical consumption and associated costs also go up.

This is where behavioral health startup Naluri comes in. Naluri offers human-driven, AI-augmented digital chronic disease management and mental wellness programs. By partnering with corporates, insurers and pharmaceutical companies, Naluri identifies at-risk employees and guides them through lifestyle changes to achieve positive results quantified by improved healthcare outcomes and cost savings down the line.

While companies like Naluri bring optimism to the realm of healthcare, behavioral health could still be a relatively new concept in certain regions. As such, the success of behavioral health companies depend largely on adoption by large companies to drive end user acquisition. With that said, there still is much to look forward to as the care landscape evolves and focus shifts from cure to prevention.

Written by Jennifer Ho, Principal at Integra Partners and Theodore Ng, Analyst at Integra Partners. Illustrated by Theodore Ng.

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